Enjoy South Tyrolean specialities in Caldaro

We love cooking with wine.

Sometimes we even give it to the food.

What makes us happy on holiday:  A beautiful location, which feels like a holiday resort (Kaltern am See).  Fantastic weather & great tips for excursions (ask Elisabeth!). Active hospitality from the heart, delicious meals as a successful fusion from South Tyrolean specialties and exquisite dishes from the Mediterranean region - in the morning and in the evening - and socialising with food and drinks with families, friends and locals (just like at Landgasthof Seeperle). And of course, one, two or three glasses of excellent wine (ask Arthur!) …

Guesthouse & Restaurant Seeperle

Seeperle country inn & restaurant

Delicious food, good company and great wine, just as it should be!

Culinary pleasure

Own house winen

Own house wine

Listen to your heart. Except when the winemaker says: “Choose the Sauvignon!”, then listen to the winemaker.

Discover excellent wines