Winery & Wine Shop in Caldaro

The route from grape …

… to wine, is like a relationship.

Because they also live with leidenschaft” (passion). Sometimes there is an emotional outburst, and then quickly everything is echt geil(absolutely perfect) and scharf“ (amazing). And just like some prefer a direct and "waschecht" (genuine) approach, others, are a bit more "scheinheiligen" (complex) and like to play games and play with fire.

Everyone has their preferences; Everyone’s tastes are different. It is the same with wine  …

 A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world.  
Louis Pasteur

Spring - Weinschmiede
Vineyard in the spring
Wine bottles - Seeperle

The wines from our vineyard in Kaltern are not only available on site in the hotel, at wine tastings with junior chef Arthur, but also at the "Weinschmiede", our wine store in the centre of Kaltern in South Tyrol. Visit us!

Our wine

  • Sparkling wine „junger spritzer“
  • Sparkling wine Rosè „69“
  • Pinot blanc „leidenschaft“
  • Sauvignon „echt geil“
  • Chardonnay „chaos“
  • Gewürztraminer „scharf“
  • Pinot blanc /Chardonnay „seitensprung“
  • Kalterer See Auslese „waschecht“
  • Kalterer See Auslese „scheinheilig“ (Charta Wine)
  • Cabernet/Merlot „rotlicht“
  • Cabernet/Sauvignon „idea“
  • Cabernet/Sauvignon Riserva „höhepunkt“
our wine

Other products

  • Gin LACUM
    with juniper, coriander, lemon peel, lemon balm and reeds from the lago di Caldaro.
Gin Lacum
Design element - wave

What our guests say:

 Out of curiosity, we attended a wine tasting with junior boss Arthur. One day later we visited the restaurant. It was simply fantastic. Food, drinks, service and atmosphere - almost unbeatable. We left the restaurant with full stomachs and 3 boxes of wine.